About 4bitt

Q. When was 4bitt created?
A. 4bitt.net was created on 15th November 2012.

Q. Why was it created?
A. Because of the art and the less limits.

Q. What does 4bitt mean?
A. 4bitt stands for 4 as a number and bit. Four bits.

Q. What is 4bitt?
A. 4bitt is a project, generated by Petko Bozhinov (Bulgaria).

Q. How can I follow the 4bitt's updates?
A. For now the only way is to visit the site.

Q. So what is 4bitt now?
A. We can say that 4bitt is a network that makes the Virtual world more interesting.

Q. And at last - when the other 4bitt's pages will start working?
A. There is no specific date - but we promise that they will be opened until New Year :)

4Bitt 2012 - v.0.2
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