Basic Pack

All you need to grow up!


Static website with maximum 7 pages.

Static website means a website that couldn't be changed from anywhere except the code, which means that the designers have to change any information in the site. A static website has a lot of advantages. For example the static website could be optimised easily for the search engines (as Google) than the dynamic. It is suitable for a small company that aims to represent their business in Internet.
The customer is free to choose the number of the pages in the site but they have to be up to 7.

Social networks page.

The social networks became very popular at last time. That's why we offer one or a few social pages in the networks. Every customer should choose in which of the following sites his page will be situated to. Our part of the agreement is the maintenance of the Social page in the maintaining period of the site.
Social networks that we are working with:

Free maintenance for 1 month.

We understand how important the maintenance is for one website. That's why we've added this service to the pack. And if you like the way we are maintaing up your website you could send an request for long term maintenance.

Domain and hosting services.

The website has no point if it stays offline. We offer the hosting services of Superhosting but if you have another host provider you could choose the pack without this option. Nevertheless we are going to help you with the site uploading.

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